The new in-app LX is done. . . who wants to check it out?

  • 30 January 2024
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One of the first things I wanted to accomplish this year was to create an in-app learning experience (LX) for new users.

I’ve built it from scratch and I can’t wait to see how it does in the wild.

I’d love for everyone’s feedback to let me know what they think of it, plus you may pick up a couple tips and tricks along the way.

PS this is open to everyone!


Here’s the basic Framework:

There are 4 levels: GUIDElevels 1-4. 

GUIDElevel 1: You learn the basics of GUIDEcx (how to complete tasks and use notes)

GUIDElevel 2: You learn how to manage tasks and projects more efficiently

GUIDElevel 3: You learn the ropes to really using GUIDEcx and all the features to make your day to day easier. Along with customer engagement best practices.

GUIDElevel 4: The goal is to show you how to become so proficient at using GUIDEcx you could waltz into HQ and work with us. 

Comment below if you want to check out the new GUIDEcx learning experience!

5 replies

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I remember when I was just learning GuideCX a couple of years ago and the learning modules that are available are fantastic!  Easy to follow and understand and you get ‘tested’ to make sure you understand.  I loved that!  I might even go through the new modules myself because I learn something new everyday!

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@emaynez I would be really interested in checking this out, as its similar to how I usually train new users on the various softwares we use since I find it is more effective. However, I always prefer to lean on resources from the companies themselves

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@EHill to trigger the new learning experience click on this link and complete it! It should enter you into the automated LX: (PS any new users as of Feb 1, 2024 will automatically be added to this LX)

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@emaynez Thank you for adding me. It was an interesting experience and I liked alot of the points.

I do have a question though, part of it recommends I join the Onboarding Network. This site looks almost identical to this one, but seems to require a seperate login. Are they actually completely separate spaces and I am just not seeing the difference?

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@EHill thank you for catching that!

This community used to be called the Onboarding Network and when we renamed it to the “GUIDEcx Community” I forgot to change it there!

It’s been updated though. Thank you!