Product Wishlist Guide

  • 4 December 2023
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Product Wishlist Guide
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Read me first if you got a need for a feature that is currently not offered or a feedback regarding the way things work, you can submit a product wishlist idea.


1. Search

If there is already an Idea or a Discussion on the topic you are thinking about, great! Simply head over and engage on the existing Idea:

  • Vote Up
  • Comment on it to add to the thread, your specifics

It always helps to build on the existing engagement on a piece of content rather than trying to build it from scratch.

Tip: If you spot duplicate ideas submitted, please @mention user emaynez and we will Merge the Ideas. P.S. All votes are aggregated.


2. Create an Idea


If you cannot find an existing Idea or Discussion that’s related to your topic, then select ‘Create an idea’ on the Ideas landing page.

An Ideal Idea format:

Subject: The high level objective of your Idea. 

Description: Details should clearly define your Requirements. Make sure to include:

  • A clearly defined use case or business problem that is not met with current functionality.
  • For enhancement requests, provide detailed requirements for the functionality that you’re seeking.
  • You can include links to related ideas/docs to explain why existing functionality does not meet your needs.
  • Be detailed, illustrate if you can to bring out all the components. Make sure you are using all the Product area/module names
  • Highlight the value this feature would bring for the broader community of users like you.
  • Tags contribute greatly to find-ability so make sure you fill out all the keywords and phrases as tags to your post


3. Submit your Idea


Select the Feature you want to Submit under from the Product Area dropdown and click submit

P.S. You will not be able to edit once you’ve Submitted the idea.

This is introduced so that we lock in the original requirement submitted and rule out any chances of changes in the Scope of what’s defined so please review once the Idea body and then hit Submit.


What happens after you submit your Idea?


When you submit your Idea, and it begins to pick up activity (a.k.a Votes and Comments) it is reviewed by the product manager who is responsible for the related feature area to determine next steps. The details you provide help the PM to understand the importance of the request as they consider whether to include the enhancement in their roadmap.

Product ideas submitted through Ideas are weighted using a number of parameters including number of votes, complexity, impact, reach and alignment with the strategic roadmap among other factors. 


Please note that given the volume of Product feature requests we receive on our Community, it is not feasible to maintain the latest at all times so please @_mention emaynez on a critical old thread to revive the conversation.


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