Posting Best Practices

  • 24 March 2023
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Posting Best Practices
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Posting is important in our customer onboarding community because it's how we share knowledge, connect with each other, and elevate the experiences we deliver.

Here are some good guidelines to follow when posting:

  1. Select the type of post.
    • Questions are good for when you want a specific answer.
    • Conversations are good for open dialog!
  2. Enter a Title
    • This helps with search-ability.
    • Usually your title can be your question i.e. “How can I make my onboarding experience more refined?”
  3. Enter a Description
    • This is where the main content behind your question/post will go!
    • Don’t forget that you can add images, format it, link things, and more!
  4. Add it to a Category
    • Find your post a home!
    • This helps keep things tidy so others can find it and add to it!
  5. Add a tag 
    • ​​​​​​​This is an optional step, but highly encouraged. We have several tags available. If you have more that you’d like please slack me so I can add it.
  6. Post it and celebrate 🥳



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