🥇 Invite Your Friends June Competition 🥇

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It’s time to grow! 🌱 Let’s get to 200 by the end of June!

We’re on a mission to elevate onboarders and the onboarding experiences that they deliver, but we want to reach more people in the industry!

We want to start growing our community and the best way to do that is by word of mouth. Right now we’re at 71 members and we’d like to get to 200 community members by the end of June! We can do that if everyone brings 1.8 friends, but we thought we’d like to make things a little more interesting. That’s why we’re going to create a friendly competition.

The Competition: 

The more people you invite (and successfully register) into the community the more points you’ll earn. By the end of the month (June 30) the top three people with the most points will win some prizes!

Things to note:

  • Keep track of the people you invite in this spreadsheet
  • Keep your eyes on the prize:
    • First Place: $250 Amazon Gift Card
    • Second Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
    • Third Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card

The 10 Rules:

1. Competition Duration: The competition will run from June 1 to June 30.

2. Eligibility: The competition is open to all current members of the Onboarding Network.

3. Invitation Requirement: Participants must invite their friends or colleagues who are professionals in the onboarding/implementation/CS field to join the Onboarding Network during the competition period.

4. Invitation Method: Invitations can be sent via email, social media platforms, or any other appropriate means. Each invitation should include a personalized message explaining the benefits of joining the Onboarding Network.

5. Registration Confirmation: Invited professionals must register on the Onboarding Network platform and complete their profile to be considered valid entries.

6. Tracking Invitations: To ensure accurate tracking, participants must use this spreadsheet to keep track of their invites. I hope it goes without saying that since this is a public doc don’t delete or edit other people’s entries.

7. Validation of Invitations: Invited professionals must register and verify their profile during the competition period. Invitations that result in invalid or incomplete registrations will not be counted towards the competition.

8. Scoring System: Each successfully registered and verified professional who joined through a participant's invitation will earn the participant two points. Each invited professional (not registered) will earn the participant one point. The winners will be determined by the most points by the end of June.

9. Leaderboard: The Onboarding Network will maintain a leaderboard throughout the competition, displaying the participants with the highest number of points. The leaderboard will be updated periodically to keep participants informed about their progress.

10. Prizes: At the end of the competition, the participants with the highest number of points on the leaderboard will be declared winners. The Onboarding Network will award prizes for first, second, and third place winners.

  • First Place: $250 Amazon Gift Card
  • Second Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Third Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Good luck to all participants!

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