🚨 August Community Growth Incentives 🚨

  • 2 August 2023
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Hey everyone! Thanks for dropping by to check out this post! Hopefully it’s something that resonates with everyone.

In efforts to grow the community (more people = more experience = more wisdom shared = better customer onboarding professionals = better customer onboarding experiences) I wanted to share some sweet prizes you can look forward to! During August, every time we hit these milestones I’ll do a raffle and the winner will get the prize below! (I mixed in a couple of dares to keep things interesting)

I wanted to highlight our community growth milestones:

200 - $250 Amazon Giftcard

250 - Happy Halfway! I’ll play the chubby bunny game

300 - The Ultimate Office Gear Pack ($400 value)

350 - I’ll do the Cinnamon challenge 

400 - The Treat Yourself Package ($500 value)

450 - I’ll buzz my head

500 - “Go take some time off and do something cool” package ($1000 value)

Keep in mind that I’ll keep doing flash raffles! Stay tuned! 

So what are you waiting for??? Go and invite coworkers (past or present) and tell them to join the Onboarding Network! You can have them sign up here!

3 replies

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And just like that we hit 200! We have our first winner! Congrats @Harsh159! Keep your eyes peeled for that prize to appear in your inbox 😁 

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Thanks so much !!

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We hit 300 community members a while ago and the winner of the Office Gear Pack is . . . .





@SB26!!! Look out for a private message from me to redeem your prize!