Where is everyone from???

  • 30 August 2023
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This week’s Water Cooler Wednesday is not as innocent as it seems! Not only do I actually want to know where everyone is from, but as events/conferences are on the rise I want to know who I can meet up with in the area!


So don’t be shy! Tell me where you’re located so we can potentially meet up!

6 replies

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I’m located in Silicon Slopes aka Lehi, Utah! Feel free to swing by literally any time!

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I’m located Greater Boston area. Would love to connect with others outside of the screen! 

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I am just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. I would love to hear about nearby conferences that you’ll be attending.

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I’m near Charlotte, NC!

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Originally from Massachusetts but as the saying goes, “I’ve been everywhere, man”. Currently outside Florence, SC.

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Shreveport, LA