What tools do you use for writing meeting recaps?

  • 25 August 2023
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No matter how well the meeting went, I find that customers forget what they need to do almost immediately. Thank goodness for meeting recaps! 

What tools do you use to assist in writing meeting recaps? 


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The tool that is going to be a game changer for me (just found it this week) is called “Magical”. You can download it here:

The way I use it is: 

  1. I’ve templatized my most common meeting recaps
  2. During the meeting I take notes
  3. After a meeting I type in the trigger
  4. I fill in the blanks
  5. I save 100 hours a day!

Here’s a screenshot of my generic recap in action 

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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I’m old school - I made a template in excel. each new meeting gets a new tab, and it has that date on it. I end a project with a single file with alllll meeting minutes included

Talking Points

  1. aaaaaa (notes beneath each)
  2. bbbbbb
  3. cccccc

Action Items

  1. gggggg
  2. hhhhhh
  3. iiiiiiiiiiiiiii

My file was sorta pretty in a classic excel way… and it copy/pastes into an email in an instant! Could send a recap within minutes of ending the call.

If GuideCX notes could be templated….. that would be the bee’s knees! I’d just fill it out in there during the call and then @ the customer team and hit submit


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I love that @Casey Wilt! I was like that until I found out that the chrome extension referenced above works within GUIDEcx (and any other place you can put a cursor)! Have your team try it out and let me know if they love it or if they love it!

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I’m late replying but just saw this post.  Keeping up with meeting notes has always been a huge challenge.  Even if I block time on my calendar post meeting to do them - so many times I get pulled away to other things. 

A game changer for me is the AI Tools added to the Grain Video Recording software.  As described on their website “Grain automates note-taking, record-keeping and insight capture from every customer conversation”

Grain is connected to my Zoom Account - and I have an automation that automatically adds the “Grain Notetaker” to all meetings with external participants and records the meeting.  At the end of the meeting you have the recording and transcript from the meeting but also wonderful AI summarization and highlights.

I typically just grab information from here now and paste into by GuideCX Notes  as well as our CRM.


Here you can see the AI Generated AI Summary and Key Points - along with the transcript



Here you can see the timeline of the call - that shows how much of the time you talked vs the participants

You also can manually mark points of the meeting that you think are important - and the AI will summarize the highlight in creating a title.