What is your biggest non-academic, non work-related accomplishment?

  • 28 June 2023
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It’s time to humble brag! Did you just learn how to do a handstand? Did you just purchase a new home? Did you just restore a classic car???

Let’s hear about it below!

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I’ve got a funny one for you - my biggest and most short-lived DIY project to date!

In our old house, we had a 2 Car detached garage. A wood fence separated driveway from backyard, and was covered in a large flowering vine. Just like when you pull the thread on a sweater and you never know where it will end… we pulled that vine off while cleaning out the flower beds. 

Noticed the fence was totally rotted out and would crumble if you just looked at it funny. So, down comes the fence. We had a dog (old, blind, but still a wanderer…), so commenced the fence rebuild. 

Of course, you can’t build it the exact same as the old layout. Must seek improvements. To make it easier to park my truck, I straight-lined where the fence was angled before. Which required a tree stump to be removed. Turned out to be 36” wide and 24” deep hard-as-rock oak stump… rented the CHEAP grinder and 5-6 hours later, the darn thing was finally out. 

Taught myself to set fence post in concrete, ran beautiful cedar boards horizontally, designed and built a flawless gate… it was epic and took 2 weekends longer than anticipated, but perfect in the end. We loved it.

Ended up putting the house on the market 1 month later. Got a text a month later from our prior neighbors that new owner promptly tore it down to park his travel trailer in the backyard. 

But it was fun… right???

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Haha that is gold @Casey Wilt ! If only the new home owners understood the effort put into that fence! 

Have you set up any other fences since then? 

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