Pets of the ON

  • 23 August 2023
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Do you have a pet? Show us!!! I want to see all the puppies, cats, fish, horses, pot-bellied pigs, ferrets, frogs, snakes, etc!!! 

3 replies

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Growing up, I had a pet monkey. Don’t ask me how my dad got ahold of a capuchin monkey. His name was Mickey and he was my parents’ practice child lol. Since my parents had me after they had the monkey, Mickey was my older brother and taught me a lot… like how to climb trees. 

Unfortunately, my parents couldn’t hang onto him and when I was about 10 or so, we got him a new home at an animal sanctuary in California where he got to meet his now wife and he became a dad!!! I guess you could say I’m a monkey’s uncle!

Not Mickey, but a similar monkey! He used to wear diapers, like the picture above!


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My little malti-poo. His name is ICE CUBE. As a young child, I always wanted a pet monkey. That never happened. We only had dogs, ducks, gold fish, hamsters and rabbits.

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ICE CUBE!!! Nice to meet you! He’s so cute! How old??