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  • 6 September 2023
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Saw this on LinkedIn today and immediately thought of you @emaynez.



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Thanks for thinking of me @rondeaul! I definitely agree with the quote. 🚨 LOTR ALERT 🚨

🌟 Imagine a "Lord of the Rings" without Gandalf! 🧙‍♂️

In J.R.R. Tolkien's epic tale, Gandalf played a pivotal role in guiding Frodo on his quest to destroy the One Ring. But what if Frodo didn't have him by his side? 🤔

Here's a glimpse of how the story could've been different:

1️⃣ No Escape to Rivendell: Gandalf's help in escaping the Nazgûl and guiding Frodo to Rivendell was crucial. Without him, early capture by Sauron's forces might have been likely.

2️⃣ No Fellowship: Gandalf rallied the races of Middle-earth to form the Fellowship of the Ring. Without him, assembling a group for the perilous journey might have been challenging.

3️⃣ Missing Wisdom: Gandalf's guidance and wisdom were irreplaceable. Frodo and the Fellowship would've been without a trusted advisor.

4️⃣ No Balrog Battle: Gandalf's sacrifice in Moria saved the Fellowship. Without him, they might have faced different challenges or not entered Moria at all.

5️⃣ Gollum Unchecked: Gandalf's capture of Gollum was a game-changer. Without Gandalf, Gollum might have posed a greater threat.

6️⃣ Sauron's Secrets: Gandalf's knowledge of Sauron's plans was invaluable. His absence could've led to less effective opposition.

Gandalf's unique blend of wisdom and magic made him an invaluable ally. While Middle-earth is full of heroes, his absence would've made Frodo's journey even tougher. 🌄✨

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