What happens when you cancel a project?

  • 20 March 2024
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if you cancel a project can the customer still access it?


Best answer by jdodge 8 May 2024, 20:36

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Yes? Just won’t send notifications and they’ll have to check their filters. I think?

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I am thinking No, they cannot. I can’t think of a (good) reason that a customer would still need access to a project that is canceled.  

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@jdodge is correct! A customer can still access their project, but they’ll have to remove the filters on their projects page to see it. (They can still click on any email from GUIDEcx and get taken to their project) However the project will show as cancelled.


Good point @eduensing! The cancelled status is more for stopping the notifications from going out and reporting purposes in case you find your team cancelling a lot of projects. If you truly don’t want a customer to access a project, you can delete the project (keep in mind that you’ll lose the data for reporting on cancelled projects if you delete them)