Microsoft Outlook error - Does not recognize the reply-to address as valid

  • 3 April 2024
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Has anyone run into issues with being able to respond to GUIDEcx tasks via email in Outlook?

A customer I am working with advised that they are unable to directly respond via email as outlook  will not allow the "respond via" email. The reply-to address seems to be the issue, its not being recognized as a valid email address. 

Is this maybe something their IT may need to add to an allowlist? Im pretty unfamiliar with Outlook so I’m not sure where to get started in trying to help them resolve this issue.

3 replies

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Good question Ehill! I haven’t had the pleasure of running into this one before.

I just ran a few tests and here’s what I came up with:

  • The first response from Test Account is when I clicked “reply all” in Outlook (the native outlook button)
  • The second response from Test Account is when I clicked “add response via email” button (the button within the GUIDEcx email)

I did notice that I couldn’t reply at all unless I marked the email as “Not Junk/Spam”


Could you maybe share a screenshot of what that customer sees so we can troubleshoot a little deeper?

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Hi @emaynez I reached out to them and will let you know what they say.

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Hi @emaynez,


The customer advised that when they click reply the reply-to field has the project reply-to email,my email with no space between the two. If they remove my email and add me into the CC line, it works fine.

It seems like Outlook isn't recognizing the comma between emails as a valid delineator and is trying to combine the two.