Is there a way to update a project with a revised template?

  • 14 March 2024
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I have existing projects and I have made a change to a template and want to update it to all the projects. How can I do that?


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4 replies

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When you update a template there isn't currently a way to push that update to live projects. The goal of this is to preserve the work that has been done. We don't yet have a way to push just a part or to push an update without cancelling out the work that has already been done on previous parts of the template.

This is being considered for 2024: 


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@emaynez A workaround for this that I have done is to just re-add the template to the project, copy any relevant work and then remove the old template. 

To be 100% upfront though, I haven't done this with any projects with customers, and would be cautious about that since it may be a very weird experience for them. 

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@EHill that is a great workaround! I like to follow these steps to minimize any hiccups that could occur on the customer’s side:

  1. Add new template
  2. Use bulk edit to update all task statuses
  3. Use bulk edit to assign out all the tasks.

When you assign tasks last, then customers won’t notice a difference!

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@emaynez mostly the awkwardness is that you cant transfer tasks between templates so you either have to add the customer to the updated, but completed tasks OR leave the old template and just remove the final, unfinished / duplicative tasks.