Duplicating/Copy an existing project

Is there a way to take a copy of an existing Project you have previously created and use that to make a new project?  I am looking for a way to take a Project (and all the corresponding templates) and make a copy of it as a starting point for a new project.



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Hi @SCFancher 


I don’t believe there is a way to duplicate whole projects, but we’ll see what the folks from GuideCX say.

If I’m right and you can’t duplicate projects, let’s see if we can find another way to help you.  Can you tell us more about your current project creation process?  I’m assuming that currently all of your projects are created manually?  Does your company use a Sales/CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce?  If so, it’s really easy to create a interface recipe to have closed deals automatically create a project in HubSpot and fill in all the details from the deal to the fields in GuideCX.  It can also add templates based on information in your deal.


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Awesome question @SCFancher. Just to clarify, you’re asking if an existing live project can be turned into a template for creating new projects to use? If so, the answer is a resounding YES!! 

 First, in the live project click on the Edit Templates from the menu three dots at the top/right of the project:

 Second, click on “Create a Template” at the top of the Edit Template tab that opens. 

Last, name the new template and save. 


I know from previous experience leading implementations for a CRM company, you learn on the fly as you go! Finding new wrinkles to process improvement, accounting for changes in the product/services offered, and customer engagement levels can lead to changing/adding to a live project happens all the time. Our own fearless Director of Professional services, @Mark Mitchell, coined the phrase “If your process is written in stone, it may as well be your tombstone.” 

Thanks all!  I think this second option may be what I need to help.  Many of the projects I’m working on will have 80-85% of the same tasks each time.  So I was looking for a way to copy an existing one as a starting point for each new one that begins. I would then modify the new project manually with the remainder of the unique tasks that go with it.  I will give this a try and post any questions I may have from there. Thanks! 

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I had never noticed that “Create Template” option!  So I just tried it out - and it looks like it doesn’t copy the whole project like I was expecting:  Project Details, Every template on the project.  It just creates a template from the first tab (template) on the project.  Is that correct? 

So this would be perfect way to create your first template, or if you had made significant changes to a template and wanted to create a different version?

Trying this now