Can you disable the "You have been added to a project" email notifications for internal users?

  • 21 March 2024
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There are some tasks we have set for other internal teams and they really don’t need the “you have been added to a project” email, they just need the task ones.

Can you disable that email? Also they really dont need the “project overview” emails, but I still want to send those to the customers. Can we disable those for specific users?


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Great question, @EHill! As it stands today, there is not a way to turn that specific project invite off per user. The thinking there was if an email goes out to everyone to announce that they are invited to a new project, then they will always know when they’ve been invited. 

Now let me get off my soap box and share a common workaround I’ve seen with other GUIDEcx users like yourself implement:

Set up inbox rules to move specific emails from GUIDEcx to a special folder. A filter that targets the “You have been added to a project” subject line should do the trick! 

It should look something like this:


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Thank you, and I do understand the logic, however the work around you suggest doesn't help in this situation.


In this situation, the task is assigned to an email address, which is tied to a case queue for an internal team. 

Thus, the “you have been added to a project” email creates its own, superfluous, case. The internal team doesn't need that notification, since the task goes into their work queue. This is also a task that will be on every single project we create, so there will always be a duplicate case.  We actually have several similar tasks, all for different internal teams. 


I'm trying to figure out how to have them assigned to their tasks without created extra cases in their respective queues.

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It sounds like the task assignee is tied to a shared account (i.e. do I understand that correctly?


Is there a way to set up some sort of filtering logic to prevent the system from creating a case from any email with that subject? I’ve seen this with Salesforce and it did require some Salesforce admin time. 


If that’s not a possibility, we’ll leave this as a feature enhancement!

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@emaynez That’s correct, this is for internal teams. 

I asked about filtering, and was told that while for some of our systems it might technically be possible, it's not possible in others. Even the ones where it is possible, it would take admin time that we don't have right now. 


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Thanks for checking! I’ll leave this as a feature enhancement and ensure that our wonderful product team sees it as they plan out how to tackle notification settings!