Can there be multiple boards for one project?

I would like to add a board to an existing project to track technical deployment activities only, there is currently a board to track the delivery tasks -- can there be multiple Plans for one project?

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Hi @dparedes 

So I’m interpreting your question that you have a main set of tasks that you always do “Technical Deployment Activities” that I assume is a tab at the top of your project?  And you are asking if you can have another tab with a different group of activities?  Each of these “tabs” originate from a template. If that is your question - then yes you can.  In the image below you can see that I have a template “Welcome to SnapStream” and then I have a second tab - which is truncated but it is for “Cloud System”

To add a second template of activites to your project - from the 3 dots menu - choose Edit Template


Then from this window - click over to the tab Add/Remove Templates then click in the box called Templates to show other options for templates that you could add to this project.



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Great call out there @jjmcdev! One way that is even easier to add additional templates to a project is to just click the + icon next to the existing project template and it will open up the same window to add another template. 

@dparedes I’m guessing you are a former user with the reference to boards!😄