Can't Find "View As" Customer

  • 22 April 2024
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This article shows that there is the ability to view a GuideCx project as one of the customers on the project. I cannot find this functionality in any of my projects. Can anyone help me find this? Is it supposed to be in the Team tab?


Best answer by emaynez 22 April 2024, 18:42

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4 replies

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Hi @josieburgett! Thanks for posting your question! 

This functionality is currently in closed-beta (so it’s only open to several customers), but it’s anticipated to go into open-beta on the 25th of April! 

Once it’s live you’ll need to enable it in Labs (something a GUIDEcx admin can do) then you’ll see that button appear! 

Let me know if you have trouble finding it once it’s live!

Thanks for responding, @emaynez. I got ahead of myself 😊

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Any update on timing?  April 25th was going to be an exciting day :)   We are talking 2024 🤣

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Hi @LarryGoodwin! That 2024 comment made me LOL! 

I just wanted to share a comment that @ccrossett made in our Beta group:

Thanks for keeping us honest. You are correct that we put that date out in our newsletter and other communications. I have spent the last week testing this in our staging environment and we are soooo close, but had different bugs/issues arise during testing.

Below you can see a screenshot of my user testing out the functionality in our staging environment. There is a yellow bar across the top of the screen that indicates which user you are viewing the project as. The moment this is pushed to our Production environment @EHill I will reach out and add you to the beta. My plan is that for anyone that wants to be on the beta we will add them and allow for a very small closed beta process to allow for some stress testing on the system. 

Thank you for your patience and for being excited to use the new functionality we are building.