Can clients add tasks to a project?

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Is it possible to allow clients to add tasks to a project?


Best answer by Mark Mitchell 28 May 2024, 19:39

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Hey, @Kevin!

Great question… Here’s what’s available today:

  1. Customers can add checklist items in tasks they are assigned
  2. By using a third party form, integrating it with GUIDEcx, there is a way that tasks can be created via form submission

However, tasks cannot be created on the fly by customers. 


I’d love to hear more about the use case!

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Here is a quick video demo of the second example Mark mentioned above:

(the punchline in the last 10 seconds mentioned the use case for customers requesting the addition of new tasks in an expanded projecct scope. I have personally seen this work with multiple organizations and various form technologies:

Then here is another community article that shares a few related examples.