What are some secrets to creating a great first impression with new clients?

  • 8 March 2023
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DID YOU KNOW? First impressions are made in a matter of seconds.

DID YOU ALSO KNOW? It can take around 7 good impressions to change someone’s perception of you if you started off on the wrong foot. 

Imagine someone was rude to you when you first met them, but every time after you interacted with them they were very nice. What thoughts would go through your head? I know I’d be thinking - “what is this person’s alterior motive???”

It would take, on average, seven positive experiences with that person for your brain to be open to changing it’s perception of that person.

Brains are efficient. Changing a perception of someone takes a lot of mental energy. It’s a defense mechanism. Imagine how exhausted you would be if you were constantly changing perceptions of people because of how they treated you that day! 

When onboarding a new customer - they are making first impressions of you (their guide, confidant, trusted advisor) and the software/service they just signed up for. Luckily their cognitive bias is working overtime to give you the benefit of the doubt. (That’s a topic for another day).

What are ways you help them see that you are worthy of being their guide, confidant or trusted advisor? What are techniques you employ to instill confidence in the service/product you are onboarding them to?

*Bonus points if you share ideas on how to overcome a lousy first impression!

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I am not sure I have secrets on this topic, but for me it is about being genuine, honest, and confident with the client.  I try hard to make sure I set realistic expectations on how the project will go and point out typical hurdles to look out for from past project experiences.