Tips on living the first commandment of client onboarding

  • 3 March 2023
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I shared the 10 commandments of #clientonboarding #customeronboarding #implementations yesterday.


Here is a tip to living the first commandment, Thou shalt have a clear and defined onboarding process:


Make sure your process is documented. Whether that's in Notion, Lucid, Canva, or even on sticky notes on a whiteboard.


Here are my TOP 3 benefits to having the onboarding ✨experience✨ documented:

1️⃣ Seeing it in writing helps you identify inefficiencies and redundancies.

2️⃣ It ensures consistency and helps all team members follow the same steps

3️⃣ It helps you see where customers could get stuck/lost


CTA: Take a minute to write out your onboarding process and see if it's clear and defined. What parts could a 5 year old understand? What parts are extremely confusing?

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When I wrote out our onboarding process it let me see that there as room to start enablement and training a little earlier and weave it into the onboarding process.