Share this one-pager with your sales team to reduce customer fear

  • 3 April 2024
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Share this one-pager with your sales team to reduce customer fear
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The number one momentum killer in onboarding is “fear.”

When prospects sign on the dotted line and become new customers they are overwhelmed with excitement, but also fear.

Think of the last time you made a big purchase. 🧐

Maybe it was a new car!

Maybe it was a vacation to some tropical paradise!

Chances are you felt excited, but in the back of your mind your brain is looking for evidence that it was a good decision.

That’s called cognitive bias.

It’s just your brain (mankind’s best friend because it’s evolved to protect us from all sorts of harm) trying to confirm that your actions (in this case making a big purchase) was the right choice.

So put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

They just purchased an amazing software/service.

They would be so sad if things didn’t go as smoothly as they were promised from sales.

One antidote to fear is to “share understanding.”

In this case it can be as simple as a one-pager that explains “What to Expect” for their onboarding.

When sales shares something as simple as the one pager below, the new customer’s mind will be put at ease as they know that the next steps are taken care of. 

Download our example one-pager below and share it with your sales team! Let me know how much it helps!


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This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

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I’m so glad you found it helpful @inarang!!!