QOTW 9/18: How do you keep customers motivated during onboarding?

  • 13 September 2023
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I like to think of onboarding as if we (the customer and I) are going on a hike. It’s worth the view, but usually requires more effort than going for a leisurely walk.

There’s a number of parallels I can draw, but I’ll stick to one for this prompt: 

Imagine we are hiking up Bell’s Canyon (A local Utah Favorite). At the end there is a beautiful waterfall (pictured below), however right before you get there, there is a STEEP incline. And when I say STEEP, I mean call me a “life flight because I might not make it” steep! For half a mile you’re basically on all fours just scrambling up the route. This is usually where people lose their motivation and give up.


The first time I did this hike I had a friend who acted as my guide and they gave me the perfect amount of motivation to finish it. I’m not sure I would’ve made it without them. Check out the comments below for how their tactic of keeping motivated can be used to keep your customers motivated during onboarding!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences of how you’ve seen others motivate customers during onboarding! We’d love all the pro-tips as possible! Also, RSVP to the livestream to hear experts talk about the topic in depth! 


5 replies

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The customer has paid for software, so there is always that carrot. 


More importantly, they have outcomes that they are looking for, and  they need to be able to measure progress towards those outcomes. Onboarding helps customers do this in a way that is efficient and thorough. 


Don’t focus on features, tech and intergrations. 

Focus on the outcomes



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I don’t go to the gym to learn how to squat perfectly, I go to the gym to get in shape so I can have a healthy body to play with my kids. Focusing on that why is going to help me keep going when the going gets tough! Great point on focusing on outcomes @JeffKush!

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@emaynez  I love this question!

I believe motivation must be followed by consistency and strategy.

In the spirit of analogies, I’d liken this to dropping breadcrumbs vs. placing the entire loaf at the finish line. Customers might be hungry but they’re not desperate, which means they won’t go through long periods of poor engagement. To keep up the motivation we must go into the onboarding process with a strategy and we must stay consistent along the way.

Our strategy comes from the desired outcomes as @JeffKush highlighted in his response. Our consistency can be actualized in a variety of ways such as orchestrating small wins throughout the onboarding journey or checking in with customers regularly even when things appear to be going well. Ultimately, we should identify the high-priority pain points of our customers that led them to purchase our product in the first place. Fold those into the initial objectives during the onboarding process and you’ll keep your customers attention.

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love this POV @ArielHollie !!!

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