QOTW 9/11: When should you create emotional connections with customers?

  • 11 September 2023
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Part of creating an onboarding experience that delivers value and helps customers get started on the right foot depends a lot on creating an ✨EXPERIENCE✨

In order to take a process and turn it into an experience you need to make emotional connections with your customers. I highly recommend checking out the book: The Power of Moments

“But for an individual human being, moments are the thing. Moments are what we remember and what we cherish. Certainly we might celebrate achieving a goal, such as completing a marathon or landing a significant client—but the achievement is embedded in a moment. Every culture has its prescribed set of big moments: birthdays and weddings and graduations, of course, but also holiday celebrations and funeral rites and political traditions. They seem “natural” to us. But notice that every last one of them was invented, dreamed up by anonymous authors who wanted to give shape to time. This is what we mean by “thinking in moments”: to recognize where the prose of life needs punctuation.”


Onboarding experiences should have punctuation, let’s make it so they’re not a drag! What are the key moments in the onboarding journey where we can create emotional connections with customers?

Drop your thoughts below and let’s talk about challenges, questions, and pro-tips. Don’t forget to RSVP to the 2nd of 4 livestreams on Customer Engagement!


2 replies

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I feel like each moment in onboarding is weighed differently. For example, the kickoff call is going to carry much more weight than the 7th of 10 working sessions. I think there are lots of little ways to create emotional connections throughout the OX (onboarding experience).


Maybe one idea is using milestone completion messages? Something like this from @lydiaanderson


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Some of my favorite examples of a brand that creates emotional connections with their customers:

  • Nike
  • Apple
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Costco

The brands that do well in this space are B2C. Why don’t we emulate that in B2B? Does it cost us anything to strive to create a more emotional experience?