QOTW 7/3: How do you improve on-time delivery?

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In today's competitive business landscape, on-time delivery is a critical factor in building customer trust and driving growth. How do you measure if you’re running late? How do you identify common themes? How do you address what’s slowing you down?


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Being the data nerd that I am, I like to use a pacing chart (see example below). This helps me know exactly where I’m at, and whether I need to adjust the project plan or reconsider scopes. 


Pacing Chart showing hours worked vs ideal project timeline


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@jmarshall Your team can catch the replay here:


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Not from a personal standpoint, but from judging whether our customers are “on-time” with delivering their onboarding of our product. We have set an Onboarding Milestone at 3 months, then we have benchmarks that lead up to that 3 month milestone. If customers get off track, or miss a benchmark, we have programs built in to help get back on track. 


I like that webinar you shared though @emaynez, I’ll have to check it out! 

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You’ll be happy to know that delivering value is like a 5 course meal! Not all the plates should come at once, but rather one at a time! That will help them get stoked for the rest of the meal! @Davi1700 covers this concept in the beginning of the livestream!

I love that there are playbooks in place in case they get off track as well!

PS we’ll have to have you join our next livestream, @SamDurfey! They’re every Thursday, join as you can!

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