QOTW 7/17: How is Customer Onboarding like dating?

  • 17 July 2023
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It’s an analogy that has been made more than once. You have a new customer, you want to wow them so they stay with you long-term. What have you done or seen happen where someone tried to wow their date? There’s a lot of parallels that can be drawn. So….

Comment below with some funny dating stories that relate to onboarding!



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Such a great question @emaynez. One of the most difficult items during the first ‘date’ (aka kickoff) is setting expectations. You don’t want to overwhelm the client by talking about marriage, but at the same time you want to make sure your expectations on kids (expansions), hobbies (how they are going to use the product), dislikes (why they left their current provider), and similar areas are in line. 

In many ways the kickoff is like a blind-date. Your friend (the sales rep) set you up with their friend who has a great personality and thinks you are going to hit it off from day one. The problem is you show up to the date and find out they are recently divorced, are looking for fun and not necessarily a long-term relationship, and are expecting third base on the first date. As you begin to talk you realize where you are compatible and where you aren’t. Like any relationship, it takes work and if both sides aren’t willing to put in the effort, well, we know what happens. 

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What an incredible answer @rondeaul! I loved your analogy of expansions, product use, and dislikes! So brilliant! 

To take your analogy a step further, it’s great that the sales rep is setting you up, but how much better will the date be if they shared those key pieces of information BEFORE the date? I’d like to know that stuff before showing up so I can come better prepared! Same thing applies for onboarding! We need to know all those quirks and little things so we can show up better prepared!