QOTW 6/19: What is the best part of being a customer onboarding manager?

  • 20 June 2023
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What’s your favorite part of being in the onboarding/implementation space??

Is it the relationship building? Perhaps you love seeing someone’s eyes light up as they realize the value they’ll get from your product/service. Or is there something magical as you set up a new account?

Comment below and let the world know why customer onboarding and implementations are the best!


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3 replies

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Especially with software, I love how as an onboarder, you have the opportunity to help implement a new technology AND improve a customer’s process all at the same time! Technology is there to make people’s lives easier. Processes help people become more efficient and effective. Put the two together and you have a winning combination! This definitely is something magical for me and my favorite part of onboarding.

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@ellibot I also love that! I would add that I love being able to start customers off on the right foot. So much of what takes place later in the customer journey is reliant on how their Onboarding experience went. We’re laying the foundation for years of renewals.