Providing an Integrated Onboarding Experience

  • 10 July 2023
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“How are you providing an integrated onboarding experience for your customers?”

☝ This is a question I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. 

I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some different ideas for automation/integrations. What is everyone working on right now??

I’ll start!

Right now, I’m experimenting with slack bots that trigger recipes in our Workato account. For example, once an opportunity gets marked ‘closed won’, do the following:

  • Create an onboarding project in GUIDEcx with a specific template

  • Send a slack message to our director of CS, giving them a list of CSMs they can assign to the account. User then clicks a button to assign the CSM.

  • Update the CSM assignment on the Salesforce account and related systems 


What are you currently working on!

6 replies

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We’re currently working on some significant automations in our processes and rebuilding all our templates to support further automation. Here’s a few instances of what we are doing:

  1. Opportunity marked closed/won triggers:
    1. New project based on specific template
      1. If certain products are included/not included will automatically mark specific tasks as cancelled/not required
      2. Adds copy of Sales Order to the project
      3. Auto populates specific custom fields based on values from Salesforce
    2. Creates assignment requests in our separate assignment queue for additional required roles
      1. We do just in time assignments and only the PM and CSM are assigned immediately. The Integrations Consultant, Implementation Specialist, and if needed, the Reporting Consultant are assigned when certain triggers happen within the project
    3. Creates Client folder in our Google Drive client section
      1. Adds appropriate document templates to the client project folder
        1. Requirements specification
        2. Kickoff Deck
        3. Training Deck
        4. Sales Order
        5. Any project attachments from Salesforce
        6. Downloads a report from Salesforce with relevant opportunity and account notes
  2. Once CSM & PM assigned:
    1. Create a Slack project channel and add PM, CSM, & AE
      1. Pins links to the following in the project channel 
        1. Google Drive client folder
        2. Link to Project in app
        3. Requirements Specification (our project document detailed requirements)
      2. Sends Slack introducing project team and asks AE to send introductory email
    2. Sends Slack notification to specific channel requesting access to client instance in our platform for the PM
      1. As additional members of the team are assigned the same request is made for them
  3. Once Kickoff occurs triggers creation of a new task every Monday for:
    1. Tracking submission of weekly status report that is due within next seven days
    2. Updating project blockers to identify current state of anything preventing the project from moving forward
  4. Once specific tasks are marked complete, pull data from our requirements specifications document to update the project custom fields and generate additional specific tasks based upon
    1. # of project phases
    2. # of plans on project
  5. If # of plans on project exceeds # of plans in the SO (manually entered field by the PM) then it sends a Slack notification to the project team and manager to investigate and determine if scope creep


There are other things we are working on but that gives you an idea of what we are trying to do.


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AMAZING, I just saved your post so I can go back and reference it. It sounds like you could teach a masterclass on having an integrated onboarding experience!

I especially like the Slack channel and Google drive steps, brilliant! I may or may not be stealing those ideas 😁.

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I eco @ellibot! I’m really aspiring to get to that same level @rondeaul. We’re only just now implementing GuideCX, so I’ll circle back to this post in a few months lol

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@rondeaul - would you be open to a quick sync? i’d LOVE to pick your brain about how you setup your recipe!

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@willpatterson just sent you a PM


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Look at that collaboration!!!