• 28 February 2023
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Completing Onboarding for our team is making sure the customer is comfortable with the product and knows all the product functions available to them.  Sometimes the customer is working with a partner and onboarding becomes more of a facilitator than a technical role and if the project is long term, the onboarding team may hand it off with the offer to come back into the picture when it is time to provide operational enablement.  When handing off, a discussion takes place of who the next contact will be and what information is required for them.  Sometimes the next contact is not technical and only needs information regarding the customer contacts, best times to connect, and high overviews of environment and product features.  Other times, the customer is transitioning to an ongoing technical resource that may want a deeper dive into the environment.  I always try to end the onboarding sessions with a configuration review and summary of the environment.  

I’m curious what others do for post-onboarding hand-off.

2 replies

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Great topic, @Veeam_Onboarding_Guy!


I love that this is something you prioritize in the customer journey, and it has inspired me to think of new ways to influence our post-onboarding experience.


At GUIDEcx, we’ve made the decision to increase the scope of what is considered the responsibility of the Customer Onboarding Team. For example, rather than completing initial implementation and onboarding (data migration, launch, integrations, basic training) then parting ways, we provide additional resources to guide customers and teams to adopt behaviors that support mutual outcomes during that critical early phase.


In other words…


The goal is to sell you a car with a manual transmission, deliver the car, then get into the car with you to ensure you learn how to drive using a stick shift. The job is done when you can confidently drive on the road independently and reach your desired destination safely (with the family in the back) with what you purchased.


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Awesome question @Veeam_Onboarding_Guy! It’s so important to identify where the onboarding ends and the ongoing begins! How do you collect that information for the next point of contact (customer contacts, best times to connect, and high overviews of environment and product features.)


@Mark Mitchell That analogy is 💰💰💰! When I buy a tesla I want driving lessons so I can drive it around SAFELY with my family in the back!