How do you tell your higher ups to invest MORE into client onboarding?

  • 7 March 2023
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As someone who understands the importance of client onboarding, you may have noticed that during these economic times companies may reduce their investment in client onboarding. Investing more resources into customer onboarding could lead to improved customer success/satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, revenue. However, convincing your higher-ups to allocate more resources to this area may be a challenge.

What are ways that you help them understand the value of this team? Specific examples or statistics to support are encouraged!


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2 replies

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I love to ask questions like:

  1. How much time does your team spend each day answering client questions and inquiries about your product or service delivery process?
  2. How many client cancel or drop your services within the first 1-3 months?
  3. How many clients cancel or drop your services claim “The product or service didn’t yeild the expected results”.
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Start by identifying the specific pain points that the organization is experiencing with their current process. Examples may include a lengthy onboarding process, low customer satisfaction rates, or high churn rates.


Once you've identified the pain points, highlight how it can help solve these problems (i.e. it can automate the onboarding process, provide a better customer experience etc).


Executives also want to know it will impact the bottom line. Show them the ROI of the software. If you have to create ballpark estimates of the time savings it would provide then that is OK!


It also doesn’t hurt to demo the software during a trial period. This will allow executives to see the benefits in action and ask any questions they may have. It also helps to paint a picture of what life is like NOW vs what it could be.


Also be ready to address any objections or concerns they may have. For example, they may be worried about the cost or the time it will take to implement the software. Have a plan in place to address these concerns and hopefully whoever you purchase the software from can tell you what the expected TTV should be should everyone meet their deadlines.