Do you invite the Contract Signer (Executive Sponsor) to the Kickoff call?

  • 13 October 2023
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Do you? Don’t you? If yes, do they usually show up? If they do show up, then how do you set that expectation for them to show up?



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3 replies

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I’m excited to learn what is working for others and what isn’t!

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Best practice is yes, but I don’t know of a way to mandate it. Either way, if they show up or don’t, it’s best practice in my mind to ensure they are CC’d on the weekly status emails so they are aware of progress.

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One thing that’s been on my mind recently is to have the AE schedule the kickoff call as a part of the sales close process. As they do this, I would love to have them set the expectation of “you NEED to be in the call for the first 15 minutes so you can share ‘why you bought this solution’ with your team” 

I feel like having the Executive sponsor share that in a kickoff call goes way farther than an email from them would or hearing the provider quote them. I think there’s some power there. Excited to see if anyone else has implemented that technique!