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  • 9 March 2023
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We have a great kickoff call agenda and slide deck, but it does not include a Customer Success Plan which we are contemplating adding.  Does anybody out there have any best practices around the CS Plan or have a template to share?  I’d love to hear your input!



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I would say do not include it in your slide deck. But one thing to include or ask during kick off is how they want to be given feedback. Learned this from a colleague of mine at Pulse last week. She asks do they want feedback in a formal EBR quarterly or bi annually, do they just want the data in a presentation sent to them annually or do they want monthly reports shared etc.  Set 3 levels of feedback and results for you to share with them and have the customer choose. don't guess.

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Great question @sharonruiz! I am a big fan of unveiling a little bit at a time to the customer. If we show them everything at once they’ll be overwhelmed.

With that in mind, here’s what I lean towards:

The kickoff call should have a onboarding success plan which outlines what to expect and what they’ll get out of onboarding. Then save the rest of their journey (Customer Success Plan) for when they’ve graduated onboarding. If you have a CSM handoff you can have them present it! 

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Hi @sharonruiz

We just recently adopted a Success Plan facet to our onboarding. It is multi-purpose. We use it to handoff many pertinent details from the Sales person, build on it to outline focus and responsibilities in onboarding, and finally it becomes a document that is handed to the CSM as well (along with others). It has helped us keep details in front of us and the focus of onboarding in front of the customer. We make them “sign” it in agreement which helps us stay in scope for onboarding. I got my original template from Donna Weber, Onboarding Specialist and then expanded it and made it our own.  I have attached Donna’s.  

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I have found that demystifying their post-launch experience through renewal helps to instill the confidence they need to proceed with launching, rather than delaying the go-live phase. Even a brief overview of touchpoints and services at a high level can help here.