Anyone have experience with onboarding / customer success with dating apps (or similar)?

  • 4 October 2023
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Hey! I am supporting a startup who is developing a dating app.


I am helping them to create their Onboarding and Customer Success plans to they can implement the appropriate processes and systems to support them as they scale.


I am curious if anyone has any experience or can recommend any tools they would imagine might be able to support their team!


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3 replies

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Great question @chloehandelman!!! Thanks for posting!


I imagine that they are a mobile app and for those I think having a tool like Appcues or Pendo are super helpful in user onboarding/setup. 

Does this startup offer onboarding like as if I was a dating coach and I wanted to help my friend find the one, then I’d guide them on getting their profile set up and coach them throughout their lifetime? I’d love to hear more about the use case. If that’s the case and it’s a longer term onboarding (10+ days) then I’d recommend GUIDEcx ;) 

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@emaynez Thanks for sharing those 2 tools, they are interesting!

Our development team is building an in-app onboarding flow so I think that the standard “onboarding” part is covered (until we receive more user feedback on how we can enhance it). 

That idea for a dating coach is an interesting thought, especially with the way this app works as it is a “match-making” focused app where your friends date for you.

I guess most of the onboarding will be handled in-app during the initial onboarding flow and then perhaps marketing can follow up with some emails reminding them of how to use the app. 


Perhaps this is outside the bounds of this community (as it is beyond onboarding), but I am also curious of software that people use for collecting customer feedback/tickets/flagging/etc.


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For customer feedback I like intercom (it offers in-app surveys), but that’s limited because what about gathering feedback from the users who don’t log in? 

Can you expound on the tickets and flagging question? Do you mean more like support tickets?