Welcome to our newest community members! 1/31/2024

  • 31 January 2024
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Look at our growing community! What a treat it is to learn and connect with all of you! 

This week we’re highlighting our newest members. Please give a warm welcome to:

@KacieJ from School Pathways

@Rod Cherkas from HelloCCO

@Shoumyavenkat from RevenueHero

@jennytracy from Cornerstone Information Systems

@mikehorton from Fiberwave

@rsaurav from Skyhigh Security

@Tim Gomez from Automotive Innovations


We’re excited to learn with all of you! Where are you all based out of?

6 replies

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I’m excited to learn with all of you!! Don’t hesitate to ping me if you have any questions!

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Welcome one and welcome all! I work here at the GUIDEcx office in Lehi, UT.


Coming you from gloomy (wet and wintery) Bloomington INDIANA!!!!


Indiana University


I live in San Mateo, CA. Thanks for the warm welcome.

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Glad you’re feeling the love, Rod! We gotta keep the welcomes warm for Jenny haha 

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Welcome!!! Thanks for joining everyone!  Don’t be shy because the individuals that make up this community are as sharp as a tack!