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  • 13 October 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I’m very happy to join this community. My name is Kimberlee Stephens, formerly the Vice President of Customer Success. I’m a revenue leader having had a successful 20+ year career in Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. 

I’m committed to promoting the concept of Joyful Lead Growth. If you want to learn more about that, check out this awesome conversation with some GTM leaders https://techconnectr.com/watch-joyful-led-growth-starting-with-culture-before-executing-campaigns/

Currently, I’m just having fun substitute teaching, ushering for SAP Center in San Jose, and being a Brand Ambassador for Health Foods at Whole Foods. It’s a blast and I’m hoping the next big opportunity to drive growth for a product/service I’m excited about arises.

I’ve worked for lots of B2B Marketing agencies and Adobe. I believe all good business strategy comes from joy and an understanding and empathy for employees, customers, and partners.

I am a mom of two grown sons (both Eagle scouts), aunt to a nephew graduating this year and a wife to a Czech named Petr. I love yoga, dance, traveling, wine, and helping people.

Find me on LinkedIn and looking forward to contributing as much as I can to this community!


4 replies

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I’m excited you joined, and to learn from your content! Thank you for sharing :)

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Thank you for joining @Kimberlee S.! I’m excited to learn and grow with you!!!


Two questions for you!

  1. What has been your favorite travel destination that you will never forget?
  2. What is your favorite wine?

Looking forward to learning more ab

Favorite travel destination is probably Prague. I lived there for two years and brought home a Czech husband. Just back there in May. Favorite wine is probably Tohu - I’m a fan of most New Zealand Sav Blancs.

And how about you?


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That is the best answer you could’ve shared! Thanks for the laugh haha


I’m not super well versed in my wines. I usually let the other person order and I follow their lead haha That being said, I had some red wine that I enjoyed. I believe it was a Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon. (I had to google it haha)