Say hi to our newest Onboardistas!

  • 10 January 2024
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I love seeing this community grow! We’ve got a few new members! Please take a minute to say hi and share one of your favorite things you’ve read in the community!

Welcome to the party:

  • @Jtutt21 from Chubb
  • @angiemc989 from
  • @Sandinista from GUIDEcx (better late than never right? 😉)
  • @knieberding from Darwin CX
  • @becky from Magellan HCM

We’re excited to connect! Thanks for joining. Please don’t hesitate to reach out here if you have any questions or if you want to share some pro-tips!

1 reply

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I highly recommend checking out the free masterclasses and webinars that GUIDEcx puts on. You can follow them here: