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  • 27 March 2023
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My name is Ryann Gill, and I’m over on the marketing team at GUIDEcx. I’ve been on the team for two years and love it! It’s so great to work with positive people that are excited to build the customer onboarding category every day. 😊 The reason I’m excited to be part of this community is because anyone involved in onboarding is the unsung hero of a company. It’s such a fun/challenging/difficult position, and I’m excited to see the industry leaders come together and share best practices and advice with each other!

In my free time, I absolutely love to cook and try new foods! One of the highlights of my day is going to the grocery store and find something new to try. I also ski and try to get out and do watersports in the summer, a few years ago we had 65 lake days and maybe one year I get beat that record. 


Excited to be part of this community. 😊 


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Welcome welcome @ryanngill! You said it! Onboarders are what keep clients happy! Without that role there would be 100% churn! 

I didn’t know you were a chef! If we had a huge event with all the onboarding professionals in the world what would you cook up for everyone??? (Ignoring cost and logistics)