Hi from Salt Lake!

  • 30 June 2023
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Hi Everyone! My name is Sam, I’m a mom of soon to be 3, Onboarding superfan, and bookaholic. When I’m not whipping up snacks or my face isn’t down in a book, I like to spend time with my family outside. I work as a Global Program Manager for Qualtrics and run all of our digital onboarding programs through Customer Success. In the last year I’ve worked to launch our first ever Omni-channel digital onboarding journey including self-service checklists, email, in-product, and more. Very big accomplishment I’m proud of, but looking forward to learning even more about how we can improve our Onboarding experience. Would love to connect with you! 

5 replies

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Welcome to the ON @SamDurfey! We’re stoked to have you here and I can already tell we’re gonna be friends haha Utah + Parent of 3 kiddos + Onboarding = me in a nutshell 🥜

I can’t wait for you to share your wisdom and experience with running the digital onboarding programs at Qualtrics! What tools have you used that helped power that experience?

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Hey @emaynez! We have a little bit of a tool kit to help us power our programs. We all know how that goes, right. We had some internal tools already in place we’re taking advantage of, and then we added in what we needed to fill our gaps. Here’s what we have: 

  • Gainsight: Email, Frontline CTAs, Frontline Visibility
  • Pendo: In-product messaging
  • Internal Tools (Self-developed): Customer HUB w/self-service checklists, journey orchestration
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Welcome @SamDurfey , at some point; we should get your feedback on our GUIDEcx <> Gainsight integration (available in Gainsights Sightline Vault). Thanks for joining this community!

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@BuiltORDtough I would actually love to see how that works. We’re still deep in Gainsight Implementation, but afterwards I would love to check it out.

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Welcome, @SamDurfey!