Hello from a CAPM certified Project Manager from London, UK!

  • 3 October 2023
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Hello all! My name is Dominic, I’m a CAPM certified IT project manager based in London, UK. I was most recently an Implementation Specialist at Reward Gateway, responsible for new client system setups.

During my time there, I...

  • Delivered 35+ client implementation projects
  • Set up employee engagement sites for 87500+ end users
  • Converted £1 million+ of potential revenue into actual contract revenue
  • Became a Certified Associate in Project Management

... all with a client NPS score of 89.

Looking forward to meeting more project managers, especially those based in the UK!

All the best,


2 replies

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Welcome, Dominic!

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Welcome to the party @domjhughes! We’re so excited that you’re here! 

Do you think you can share a couple of your secrets to maintaining such a high NPS score? What helps? What hurts?