Daniel from New England

  • 29 August 2023
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Hey Onboarding/Implementation friends!


I’m Daniel. I’ve been in onboarding/implementation for about 5 years now. It’s been a fun journey learning about the post-sales customer experience. 


In the past year, I’ve really been looking to up-level my skills and learn new processes that others are employing. This has been more of a solo process and I feel like it is time to jump into a community of like-minded folks! 


Hoping for some engagement, so feel free to answer in the comments: 

What is a nagging pain point between you and your customers? 

6 replies

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My biggest nagging pain point is getting customers to schedule with me in a timely manner. We give timelines and agendas, but more often than not, we do not stick to them and go over our plan… 🫤

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Welcome to the ON, @DLenders! Are you close to Boston??? I’ll be there this Fall, we should meet up!

As for biggest pain points, I’d say that customers who don’t do the learning material (mind you it’s world-class 😉, it’s not a list of articles to read) before meeting for working sessions. This slows down our momentum. If a customer really wants to go live quickly, then they should follow the tried and true steps that we’ve laid out for them!




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@emaynez I am close to Boston! Would love to meet up when you get out here! :) 


And I get that. We also have some great learning material as well. I’m honestly shocked when my customers go through it! It makes everything much more valuable for our time together. 

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Let’s do it! I’ll be out there for a CSC conference mid-October!


I agree, if only they understood how much the training material will accelerate the delivery of their product/service 😪

@emaynez @DLenders I so agree with everything you both said on this thread. I am struggling with the same. Most of our customers want in-person training and even then it doesn’t help in completely Onboarding them. It is difficult to retain all the information and we end up spending time in retraining and refreshing things for them. Looking forward to trying to find a way for this.

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hey Daniel and @emaynez I am planning something for the 16th of October in Boston.