Ariel from Los Angeles

  • 14 September 2023
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Hello Everyone,

Very excited to be joining this community!

I am a certified PMP with 8 years of experience in managing complex technical projects and SaaS implementations for customers big and small. I am skilled in building out Scopes of Work, Implementation Plans, Change Management Plans, and more. 

During my time as a project manager with a heavy focus on custom solution implementations, I have developed an interest in customer onboarding. It was always something I had to manager during my 6-year tenure at Cityspan Technologies, Inc. but at the time, it was one of the many responsibilities I owned at 25-person company. In my last role as Manager of Implementation at Criteria Corp, I sought to become the SME of customer onboarding, managing the onboarding program for Criteria’s new Enterprise and strategic accounts. I am excited to see how many other professionals like yourself are also contributing to this space and I’d like to continue learning about - as well as contributing to - the body of knowledge that has been generated so far.

If you know of any opportunities out there that might be a good fit, I welcome you to be my shameless plug. 😉 That aside, if anyone is looking to exchange ideas or thoughts about customer onboarding, I’m happy to connect! 

5 replies

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Welcome to the ON @ArielHollie! I’m excited to learn more about customer onboarding and implementations from your experiences! PS I recommend checking out the Job Board, we have a couple of listings and if there’s something of interest I’m happy to make an intro 😄

What are some of your pro-tips when it comes to coming up with an implementation plan for a custom solution implementation? Any pitfalls to avoid?

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Great to see you join the ON, @ArielHollie. Can’t wait to learn from you as well!


I’ll keep my eyes open for some opportunities.

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@emaynez @Mark Mitchell Thank you for the warm welcome!

@emaynez When it comes to implementation plans, I am a big advocate of mockups.

Being able to demo what the look and feel as well as the behavior of a solution will be like is key. If there are resources to work with Design to produce a visual mockup, that’s perfect! If you’re running lean, then my recommendation is to use what’s available to you - that could range from Adobe Illustrator to Paint. If neither of these is an option, then one must use their words. The point here is to ensure that we are building exactly what the customer wants and needs. I like to include a signed Scope of Work but this may not be an option for some business models.

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great to see you!

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Thanks, @JeffKush!