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  • 1 September 2023
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Hi everyone! I’m Allison, and I live in Central Kentucky. I work remotely for Beck Technology which is based in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy reading, singing, and spending time with my family. I am passionate about learning which is why I am in the role of Learning & Development Lead tasked with building learning content for new customers as well as our Implementation team and managing processes and procedures around learning. I would love to hear your suggestions on LMS platforms you love, encouraging engagement in learning, and any proven ways that the learning team makes implementation easier.

5 replies

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Welcome to the ON @Allison Lewis! Any book recommendations? I just finished Crucial Conversations and The Boys in the Boat. (10/10 would recommend both)

Also - I think we just became best friends because when I’m not fan-girling about onboarding, I’m living and breathing Learning & Development! 

Suggestions on LMS platforms you love:

  • I’ve done youtube tutorials hosted on intercom’s help center (not a true LMS, but customers loved it)
  • Thinkific is my bread and butter

Encouraging engagement in learning:

  • Start learning courses with a quiz to gauge where they are and where they want to go
  • End learning courses with a quiz to gauge what they learned and if they landed where the wanted to be.
  • Video and screenshare, while daunting to maintain it’s way more engaging than reading for most learners.
  • Require a percentage of people to complete training to unlock something important like: scheduling a live training session.

Proven ways that the learning team makes implementation easier:

  • I’ve lost count how many times my onboarding team has thanked my training team for creating easy to access/follow content because they see a night and day difference between someone who did the training vs. the other person. A bit qualitative, but still viable!

Anywho! We should chat more! I’m all about this stuff!

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Oh hey I know @Allison Lewis !! 😁

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@emaynez thank you for all that good information!

I like the idea of a quiz before and after. Is it the same set of questions at the beginning and the end to check whether the objectives were met?

I would love to chat more about Thinkific and driving lesson completion before moving on to live coaching sessions. I’m afraid it would stall the schedule something fierce! How hard of a line do you draw during onboarding? Our customer success team is trying this tactic, but it is not schedule driven.

Book recommendations: Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, Atomic Habits by James Clear, and You Me We by Morag Barrett, Eric Spencer, and Ruby Vesely.

Thanks again!!

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My pleasure @Allison Lewis

The quiz contains the same set of questions at the beginning and end. They are mapped to the learning objectives of the course.

An example learning objective would be to help the learner get more confident in navigating the platform. The example question that’s asked in the beginning and end could be “On a scale of 1-10 (1: not comfortable at all, 10: super comfortable) how comfortable are you in navigating the platform?”

This gives you data to see how learners are growing and improving in their confidence of using the tool!

It’s all about setting expectations upfront! If customers go into the onboarding experience knowing they’ll need to do training then they’re usually on board (especially if the training is only 15-30 min long and easy to access.)

As for hard lines, we enforced it really well because we only had 1 trainer and instead of turning into 5 different training sessions we could stick to 3 because each training session was more in depth and customer came prepared. (They knew what they didn’t know as opposed to not knowing what they didn’t know.)

Hopefully that helps!