[New] Hubspot Integration

  • 15 June 2023
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🎉 Our new, bi-directional HubSpot Integration is now available in the Recipe Builder "Community": 

  • Keep HubSpot as your system of record. Push onboarding progress back into HubSpot via the GUIDEcx CRM Card.
  • Auto-populate a live onboarding project once a deal is marked closed-won. The HubSpot recipe automatically assigns a project manager, triggers the right template based on product SKU, invites customer team members to the project, and more!

Check it out --->


2 replies

I have connected our accounts per the instructions in the KB. Unfortunately, the card shows up in HS with out any info. It looks as thought the project is empty. Did I do something wrong in set up? 

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Hi @Caden Madsen! This is likely an issue with the mapping process. I’m emailing you directly so we can walk through fixing it.