Need to get the opportunity name into the GuideCX project

  • 20 June 2023
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Anybody successfully pull the opportunity name into the GuideCX project?  My project is kicking off in SF, but the opportunity name isn’t coming over.  I would also like the default project  type to be external - it currently defaults to internal.  



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@sheila.smith yes. We often pull in the opportunity name and link into projects through Recipe Builder.  Here is the main help article where that is described:

Are you attempting to do this through the deprecated managed package and apex function approaches used for Salesforce in years past? If so, the migration process is quite simple as explained in this related article:

The only other limitation I could imagine could potentially be a detour around pending projects before pushing the project live. Even then, our integration team led by @Hamani.Po'oi could help you customize the default recipes. The project type part would be especially easy. You just need to set a customer name so the system does not assume it should be internal (as shown in