💔 In loving memory. RIP Manual Project Creation 🪦

💔 In loving memory. RIP Manual Project Creation 🪦
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As your Onboarding Partner, GUIDEcx is always looking for ways to help you work better together with your internal teams to provide a seamless onboarding experience to your customers.

One way that we’ve been able to help is with our Recipe Builder!

GUIDEcx provides an integration solution (Recipe Builder) for you to connect GUIDEcx to your CRM (and countless other softwares) to pass data to and from GUIDEcx.

This month we’re highlighting our two most popular integrations, Salesforce and Hubspot.

You might be wondering, 

“Why should I bother connecting GUIDEcx to my CRM?”

To which I say, 

“Great question! We recommend it because it can save you so much time!”

How does a GUIDEcx <> CRM integration save me so much time?

Think of all the important information that goes into a Salesforce opportunity that you have to manually migrate into the onboarding project! Things like:

  • Main Point of Contact name and email
  • Type of service package purchased
  • Custom data (like company size, ARR, etc)
  • and more!

We are so convinced that integrations save time that we are hosting two webinars this month. You can RSVP below:

May 16 - Salesforce Setup Guide

May 23 - Hubspot Setup Guide

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we’ll share the recordings in GUIDEu (our online academy).


Do you use automatic project creation? Let us know how it’s helped your workflows in the comments below!

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💡 This is a great idea and a big step for improving the customer experience. Some companies take days or weeks to get onboarding started after a contract is signed. With this CRM integration in place, a customer can receive an invitation to their onboarding project on the same day they sign their contract. That’s a big deal!

Dearly Beloved, We are gathered here to pay respects to manual project creation 

(lol love that 😂)

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We need to hold a funeral for this hahah 

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We use the several recipes that are fired off when a Deal is closed in HubSpot. Besides just creating the project it also

  • Assigns Project Manager
  • Reads all of the line items on the Deal and based on that adds the appropriate templates
  • Fills out some custom fields
  • Creates a Slack Channel for the project - invites anyone that has task assignments in the project

Here are some add/updates that are in the works

  • More variation in project steps based on the Deal Type
  • More custom field population
  • More integration of Project Notes and Slack Channel
  • Creating a corresponding Support Ticket in FreshDesk system

It’s such a huge timesaver for me, which is important because I am the sole implementation manager for our small company.