GUIDEPost: Zendesk Integration Features

  • 12 July 2023
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Q:  I’d like to know more about the GUIDEcx Zendesk integration.

A:  Per Jeff Johnson, Technical Services Manager:

Our integration with Zendesk is great for keeping your team in Zendesk and the team in GUIDEcx in sync. Instructions for downloading and turning on the integration available in our knowledge center at:
Zendesk integration features:
  • Zendesk ticket creation:
    • When a task note is added in GUIDEcx, that includes the hashtag #Zendesk, a ticket is created in Zendesk
  • Bi-directional syncing of comments:
    • When a note is added to the task in GUIDEcx, a comment is created on the Zendesk ticket
    • When a comment is added to the ticket in Zendesk, a note is created on the GUIDEcx task
  • Status syncing:
    • Ticket status updates in Zendesk are synced back to GUIDEcx, updating the task status
  • Alert the GUIDEcx project manager when their customer opens a Zendesk ticket
    • Automatically detect which project the customer user is on and send an alert to the PM via Slack or Email

4 replies

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At our company - every time a project is opened - a corresponding Zendesk ticket is open - that is used by the technical team for the entire installation project.  Is there a way I can tie my GuideCX project to that existing ticket - and have the syncing comments?

If not, I’m wondering if we could stop the existing creation of the Zendesk ticket - and let the first task of the GuideCX project create the Zendesk ticket maybe?




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If I’m understanding correctly, @jjmcdev, you can absolutely do both of those options. @jjohnson am I right? 

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Yes, @jjmcdev our Zendesk integration recipes can be easily customized to do either option you mentioned. From within GUIDEcx please chat in and we’ll set up a call to help you get it set up.

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Thanks @emaynez @jjohnson 

I will definitely do that - but it will be after Thanksgiving!