GUIDEPost: Calendly Integration Features

  • 12 July 2023
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Q:  I’d like to learn more about the GUIDEcx Calendly Integration
A:  Per Jeff Johnson, Technical Services Manager:

Our integration with Calendly is great for keeping your team members informed of meeting details and automatically marking tasks as Done. Instructions for downloading and turning on the integration are available in our knowledge center at:
Calendly integration setup and feature:
  • Setup:
    • Before enabling the integration, you will create a GUIDEcx custom merge-tag named 'Calendly Invite Link', and include it within one of your task descriptions in your GUIDEcx template. And within the recipe you'll enter your usual Calendly invite link.
  • Features:
    • The integration will detect when a new project is created and populate the merge-tag with a project-specific Calendly invite link.
    • When the task assignee receives the assignment email from GUIDEcx, they will  click the link and schedule a meeting in Calendly as usual. 
    • The integration will automatically mark the task as Done and add the meeting details (e.g. meeting time, questions & answers, guests, call link, etc.) to the task as an internal-only note.

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