Could this Forms Integration save you time on automating manual tasks? YES.

  • 15 February 2024
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Could this Forms Integration save you time on automating manual tasks? YES.
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Did you know that with the GUIDEcx Recipe Builder you can automate almost anything?

Check out this recording of our own integration wizard, @jjohnson demo-ing a recipe that he’s built.

This demo showcases a lot of cool automations we can do via a form (Google Forms in this case although GUIDEcx integrates with any Form software such as Formstack, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and more).

This recipe (aka integration) that Jeff built does the following:

  • Creates a project in GUIDEcx, with the appropriate templates and PM
  • Updates the status of existing tasks
  • Create new tasks
  • Populates the value of custom fields on the project
  • Creates a new Slack channel for the project
  • And invites all project team members to the new Slack channel
  • Creates a project note containing all the form’s questions & answers
  • Invites a customer to the project and auto assigns customer tasks

If you want to set this up in your own instance, reach out to your CSM!

6 replies

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This opens the door to so many possibilities!

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This looks fantastic and my head is spinning with all the automation possibilities. When will I be able to integrate with MS Teams?

@jjohnson for most of our projects we already have a shared Slack channel that we created on our own, with this new integration can we tie an existing project to an existing Slack channel, or will we need to create a new project entirely?

great demo btw!

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@Daniel B. Yes you can connect existing GUIDEcx projects to an existing Slack channel. Within a recipe you can configure which Slack channel the recipe writes to. So if the recipe triggers when some specific event happens in an existing GUIDEcx project, a message can be sent to the Slack channel you specified. Just chat in and we will help get this set up.

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@Kevin We actually already have an integration with Microsoft Teams. You can send automated messages to Teams and even assign GUIDEcx tasks to people via Teams. You can read more in our help article:


@MercedesN @alexahansen Something to consider with project creation for Uplifts?