What is your Project Title scheme?

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I’m looking for inspiration on how others name their GuideCX Projects.  With the original basic interface with HubSpot - the GuideCX Project Name would match the Deal Name in HubSpot.  Now with the new Recipe Builder we have complete control over Project Naming and I would like to take advantage of that.

I think the Deal Name is a bad idea because it isn’t “user friendly” and it’s long.  Here’s an example 

Center for American Progress - 6 Tuners + MTVH + 1 Custom Stream + 50 Event Hours

So that is really silly in all of the GuideCX emails to the customer referring to the project.  I think it’s important that it has the Customer’s Name in it (for our benefit) and our name in it (for the customer’s benefit.  But other than that - do you add anything else?  I’ve been playing around with this scheme - but it still gets kind of lengthy

[Customer Name} - SnapStream [Purchase Type] - [Platform]

Big Boy Agency - SnapStream - New - Cloud w/ Managed TV Hosting


So what do you all do?  Show me your Project Names!


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What do you think @Jackson and @Mark Mitchell ? Any patterns you have noticed from your customers or your own projects?

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I typically see “(Customer Name) Onboarding” as the title for most projects across customers I work with.