Want to level up your onboarding game?

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Happy Pro-Tip Tuesday!

Watching recordings of your calls as an onboarding manager is like studying game tapes for a pro athlete. It's a fantastic practice with several benefits - my favorite is outlined below:

Reviewing your call recordings gives you a chance to evaluate your performance objectively. Just like a coach studying their team's gameplay, you can analyze your communication style, identify any areas where you can improve, and make adjustments to become an even better onboarding manager.

Think of it as an opportunity to fine-tune your skills. By watching those recordings, you can pinpoint specific areas you want to develop. Maybe you'll notice opportunities to enhance your active listening skills, empathy, or the clarity of your instructions. It's all about becoming a top-notch onboarding pro!

Reviewing your call recordings is not just about self-improvement—it's about becoming the MVP of onboarding. It's about enhancing your skills, coaching yourself to success, and ensuring your customers have the best onboarding experience imaginable. So grab that popcorn, press play, and get ready to level up your game!

What are some other advantages to watching your meeting recordings? I’d love to hear from you below👇👇👇

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