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I’m currently redesigning some onboarding flows for my new company. Here’s my framework. Feel free to steal it or let me know what you would add/take away!

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Making this easier to steal. Here’s the text:



My name is {PROJECT_MANAGER_NAME} and I'll be your go-to for <INSERT DESIRED OUTCOME>.


The goal is to have you <INSERT DESIRED OUTCOME> in under <INSERT TEMPLATE DURATION> days. That means we should be wrapping up this project by:




Over the course of the next few days, I'll email you when it's your turn to complete a task (each email will contain instructions on how to do it!)


Things to Remember:

  1. Mark your tasks as DONE when you've completed them.

  2. Don't hesitate to mark a task as STUCK if you need help. That will notify me and I can reach out immediately.

  3. @mention me in the project or respond to any email to ask questions!

⚠️ Failing to remember the tips shared above can result in going live later than expected! ⚠️


I'm looking forward to working with you!


👀 Stay tuned for some emails from me soon!



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@Elan I previously had a similar Experience Overview set up - talking about getting started and what to expect to come next - all info crucial to my point of contact.  The issue I found however - is that Experience Overview goes to everyone invited to the project - even later on during the project.  And that message is not relevant for the “add-on” team members from say the IT Team.  And it caused confusion.  

So I changed my Experience Overview to this generic one:




Then I added a task in our main template to assign to the main POC when ready called “Welcome to the SnapStream Implementation Project”



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That’s a great work-around! However, I’m curious -

I’m learning that not everyone has info on who needs to be invited to the project at the time of project creation… is that the case for you?

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In our case they typically know who needs to be involved.  Our implementations are pretty simple - typically just the main POC and a technical guy sometimes for on site server setup for some of our products. 

Here is the email for the task Let’s Build Our Implementation Team




It's time to determine all of the individual players we will need on our Implementation Team. Could you help me identify the correct people for the following roles?

Who is going to be the actual SnapStream Administrator?  This would be the person that would perform the tasks like the ones listed below.

  • Create Users

  • Create the Recording Jobs/Schedule

  • Sets up any Social Media Profiles

  • Loads any Watermarks or Brandings

Who will be your Technical Contact for these tasks? 

  • Set up and install any SnapStream equipment

  • Connect SnapStream to source inputs (Cable TV or HLS Streams)

  • Configure connections to your network, firewall, etc

  • Technical on-site contact for any troubleshooting

Who will be the social media decision maker as it relates to this project? 

  • What is your clipping strategy?

  • What social media platforms will you post to?

  • What quality/resolution output will you need?

You can reply to this task email and let me know the key players that you would like me to add to your team. Or, if you have questions and would like to discuss further - feel free to give me a call at (713) 554-4599.

Thanks for helping me out on this!